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Defining  your career using our 3-phase approach:

Career Options Review



Assessment And Feedback


A series of 3 unique assessment instruments to discover your true “identity” and to gain insight into your strengths, weaknesses, values, personality, motivators and potential. Development needs may be identified and the results will help in your future success and satisfaction. The results will be given in a feedback session with a consultant that is certified in the various instruments. You will also receive written reports on all the assessments.





Professional And Personal Review


With the help of a career consultant, you will complete a guided review of your personal and professional background using a structured outline that will identify your accomplishments, preferences and your knowledge of the market needs. The review process will also look at issues such as your values and family/life style considerations.


Career Options Meeting


This important meeting will take place with 3 highly qualified career consultants that are members of our team. Before this meeting you will be asked to review all the information from your assessment feedback and your personal and professional review information and identify at least 3-4  options that you may like to pursue---don’t block out an option because you think it is not possible- but put it down. At this meeting you will present your options to the team and it will give you the opportunity to expand your thinking and get feedback from professionals that might add an idea that you hadn’t considered. The team will also give you feedback on the options that you have chosen. You then will be able to narrow your options to one or two that seem reasonable to pursue.





Implementing your plan


  • Defining your “Brand”

  • Developing your marketing materials----Resume, Cover Letters, Bio, LinkedIn, other on-line tools such as Facebook, Google, Blogging, Twitter, etc

  • Advice on finding consulting, contract work, teaching assignments and non-profit positions

  • Exploring opportunities for corporate and non-profit Board positions

  • Interview training including telephone interviews, tips for skype and other digital interviews and the all important face-to-face meeting

  • Learn the importance of Networking and tips on what works and things to avoid

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