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Retirement Options Program

Today many baby boomers are going through transitions, both in their work  and in their life issues. There are many new opportunities waiting in several life arenas but PLANNING is so important for success especially in the career and work area.


This program recognizes the specific needs of this audience (generation) and combines expert resources, assessments and experienced certified consultants to prepare individuals for an exciting future.




Determining Work/Life Options


Life Options Assessment and Feedback (unique instrument that covers the 6 most important life arenas)

On-line and workbook that compliments the Life Options Assessment


Counseling Sessions with certified coaches---the sessions will cover:


Health and Wellness

Ideas and practices to help keep your mind and body as fit and healthy as possible.


Finance and Insurance

Reviewing and understanding your short and long term financial strategies.


Family and Relationships

A look at your relationships with all family members and how they play an important role in your future.


Leisure and Social

How much time do you want to have for leisure activities and what do you want to do more of.  You may want to take a look at where you want to live in the future. You might want to travel more or spend time on a new or old hobby.


Personal Development

Your personal development can include many activities that you may not have had time for- now you can possibly do volunteer work that you will find interesting or take classes to learn new topics of interest.


Work Options

Deciding the work that you would like to pursue whether it is another corporate position (full or part-time) project work, consulting, starting a business, teaching, buying a franchise, turning a hobby into an income producing entity or other activities that produce an income stream(s).


Your program will include a process to determine career/work options that are the best fit for you. Whatever work options you decide to pursue, you will have the coaching and on-line support to implement your plan.




Implementing Your Work Plan


This will include:


Marketing materials such as resume, cover letters, bio, LinkedIn and other on-line tools and advice on finding consulting, contract work, teaching assignments and non-profit positions.


Interview training including telephone, skype and other digital interviews and the all important face-to face interview.

Networking techniques that work.


And, finally, how to negotiate an offer.



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