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Our Services

LEARN Career Options offers two distinctive programs to help you with your next career/life move.
Career Options Program

This program will help you look at your career/work life more thoroughly. It includes several assessment instruments to gain insights into your strengths, weakness, values, personality, motivators and potential. The purpose is to identify more than one possible career option. After reflecting on past job descriptions and identifying achievements in each position, a brainstorming session with a team of consultants will take place. This session will result in determining the best next career option.

Retirement Options Program

Today many baby boomers are going through transitions, both in work and in life issues. There are many new opportunities waiting in several life arenas but PLANNING is so important for success especially in the career and work area.

This program recognizes the specific needs of the audience (generation) and combines expert resources, assessments and experienced certified consultants to prepare you for an exciting future. 

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